VME Event Trailer showcased in an arena

VME’s New Sign-Written Trailer

Introducing VME's New Sign-Written Trailer

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At VME, we’re excited to announce the latest addition to our fleet – our brand new sign-written trailer! This sleek and stylish trailer, adorned with our VME branding, is ready to hit the road and be seen at events across the UK, showcasing our commitment to delivering first class audio visual services.

Designed to elevate our brand presence and increase our visibility, our new trailer is a simple yet effective way for us to showcase our professionalism while on the move. With our logo prominently displayed on the exterior, our trailer is a mobile statement that helps us make an impact wherever we go.

While the interior of our trailer may not be decked out with high-tech equipment, it serves a vital purpose in supporting our operations. Our dedicated team of experts utilise the trailer to transport our fully serviced equipment to events, ensuring that we can deliver seamless productions and meet the unique needs of our clients.

With our new trailer, we can now take our brand on the road and be seen at various venues, conferences, festivals, and other events. This increased visibility allows us to create more awareness for our services, build relationships with potential clients, and establish ourselves as a trusted and reliable equipment provider in the industry.

We are grateful to Malcolm Hughes at Northern Van Lines for creating a trailer we can be proud of and showcases our commitment to excellence.

In conclusion, our new sign-written trailer is a valuable addition to our fleet, enabling us to take our brand on the road and increase our visibility in the industry. While it may be simple in design, its impact in promoting our brand and supporting our operations is significant. We look forward to hitting the road and making our mark with our eye-catching trailer as we continue to deliver exceptional services to our clients. 

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